We are buying a truck

As crazy as it sounds we have decided it is time to buy a truck. As much as I am thrilled at how well Morpheus (Our 2014 Mercedes ML350 Bluetec diesel) tows Star (Our 2022 Grand Design Imagine XLS 22MLE), we decided it is time to upgrade. A number of things changed in our world since Covid hit, and the reasons we decided to change from an SUV to a heavy duty truck:

  • Since I am work from home full time now, and Tracey is still only one day a week in the office, we no longer really have a need for a comfortable relatively fuel efficient vehicle.
  • We want to get rid of our beloved utility trailer. As much as it has been incredibly useful for us for almost 20 years, it is showing it’s age, and takes up a lot of valuable space in our RV storage pad.
  • Since the truck unfortunately won’t fit in the garage, I will now have an empty bay in the garage for home projects. I plan to build a lot of built in furniture over the next few years, and it will make doing so, infinitely easier.
  • Should ease my longterm worries of Morpheus’s drivetrain and hitch holding up to being over maximum ratings. Morpheus’s payload is 972lbs, and we are over by at least 200-300lbs in my estimation. Also the hitch is rated to 700lbs tongue weight, and our trailer has 820-880lbs of tongue weight loaded, ready to camp.
  • The only real weak point for the ML350 towing the trailer, is it is very susceptible to heavy side winds when we drive through the Columbia Gorge, that make for a less than desirable “relaxing” drive.

Now the real problem, is deciding what truck to buy, finding one, and not paying the ridiculous “Market Adjustment” price that Covid and vehicle shortages have created in the vehicle market.