New blog …….. AGAIN!

I have created a blog many times over the last 20 years or so. My 1st website was a MS Frontpage site built with Dreamweaver (Ahh, remember those days?!). I have a somewhat short attention span at times, so I never really seem to complete that website/blog, before I move on to a new CMS, theme, etc. The good news is that all that tinkering with different applications is why I am very busy at my day job. More about that at some point.

With all the recent life events that have transpired lately, I wanted to start documenting some things. I also want to give back, because I have received so much knowledge and support from the internet, that I think I should return the favor. It is so easy to do research, find solutions, add your own knowledge and get things done nowadays.

The theme is just a starter theme, but as I continue to evolve my skills and tweak my workflows, my own site will be a work of progress and hopefully a showcase of my skills.

The biggest challenge will be to carve out the necessary time to finally follow through this time.